About Me

A commitment to service

For Michael Lim, serving patients at Advanced Pain Rehab isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. He has been committed to helping others for most of his professional career. Before he was a Master Pain Practitioner, working with Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) and Voila Method therapy, Michael worked as a Physical Therapist in multiple settings. As he used exercise and movement to help patients, he became frustrated that he could not always alleviate the chronic pain that accompanied many of the patients he treated.

As soon as he began studying MPS and Voila Method, Michael knew that he held the key to better quality of life for his patients. Through MPS and Viola Method treatment protocols, Michael works with patients at Advanced Pain Rehab who live with chronic pain due to medical conditions such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, concussions, or scars from past surgeries. Using this quick and painless treatment, Michael has been able to guarantee pain relief up to 80% for everyone who has walked through his clinic door.

A commitment to learning

Michael knows that his patients feel better the more that Michael studies his craft. After he left his Physical Therapy role to become a Master Pain Practitioner full time, Michael became one of the best in the MPS and Voila Method therapy industry. Now, he uses his experience and knowledge to teach other practitioners throughout the country the MPS and Viola Method treatment protocols.

A commitment to the patient experience

Upon meeting Michael, patients are immediately impressed with his genuine desire to help them feel better. It is that commitment to patient experience that keeps patients seeking Michael’s assistance and expertise. When you call for a consultation, you can expect to be greeted promptly – and personally – by Michael. He will get to know more about you and your medical history, using that information to give you the best treatment possible. In under one hour, you can exit the practice feeling a significant decrease in your pain or symptoms.

Let’s work together

Meeting Michael and having MPS and Voila Method treatment in the Advanced Pain Rehab clinic can be a life changing experience. Don’t miss out on the quality of life that you have wanted for so long – let us come alongside you to give you the best shot at wellness and living pain free.

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